Arsenal legend Merson: No top four club would buy Torreira

Arsenal legend Paul Merson claims none of the top-four clubs would sign Lucas Torreira.

Since arriving from Sampdoria in the summer, the Uruguayan has quickly become a fan favourite for the Gunners due to his skilful and combative style.

But Merson thinks that the 22-year-old is overrated.

“Liverpool wouldn’t buy him tomorrow morning, I wouldn’t have though any of the top four would,” said Merson.

“He can and will get better, but he’s done great.

“They needed it, we all knew that. Arsene Wenger knew it but he was too stubborn to go and get someone.”

“He could be playing at Southampton and wouldn’t get a mention, or Burnley. No one would mention it.

“It’s just that Arsenal needed it so badly. He gets around people, closes players down, gets everybody fighting. He’s not a natural passer, but he sets the tempo.”


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