Man Utd supervisor Solskjaer raps journo: You’re off-base about Pogba and I

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer declines to assume acknowledgment for Paul Pogba’s frame restoration.

The midfielder has been magnificent for United since Solskjaer supplanted Jose Mourinho.

In any case, the Norwegian says: “You distort it.

“I can’t take care of how they perform on the pitch! Paul has done it without anyone’s help, it’s simply the players performing.

I have discussions with Anthony (Martial), Romelu and Alexis, I am here to direct them, yet it is dependent upon them to do it on the pitch.

“I don’t concur that I have done anything with Paul or that I can do it with Romelu or Alexis.

It’s dependent upon them when they find the opportunity. This is the diversion when you are a football player. You need to do it without anyone else’s help.”

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