Newcastle Owner: Mike Ashley is prepared to take a gamble with Newcastle’s future

There’s still time for Mike Ashley to act, yet Rafa Benitez isn’t holding his breath.

The team played well, and we had possibilities, yet an ultimate conclusion in the last third is unequivocal. On the off chance that you need to get that right, you need to spend the cash.

Ashley, Newcastle United’s owner, was at Stamford Bridge for Saturday’s 2-1 thrashing to Chelsea. There was a lot to respect about the team’s performance in the wake of running an objective down with eight minutes on the clock.

Newcastle didn’t frenzy and they didn’t crease. They continued onward and continued onward, and what isolated the opposite sides at the last whistle was one piece of value from Willian.

Much better United teams have endured far heavier annihilations at Stamford Bridge in late decades. Applauses, be that as it may, wouldn’t keep the club, which is third-base of the Premier League, in the division.

Just points will do that, and the team Benitez handled against Chelsea looked shy of value in the last third of the pitch.

So close, yet up until now.

“From the earliest starting point of the season, we realize that we are close, yet at times that is insufficient,”

said, Benitez.

“Everyone can see that the exertion is there and the players are attempting their best.

We’re attempting our best, yet at the same time, it’s insufficient in a few games, these sort of recreations against the best sides where one player can have the effect. In any case, you can see we are close.” Newcastle could be considerably nearer with some investment.

Ashley, notwithstanding, appears to be prepared to bet with the club’s best flight status. Once more.

Why? Why take the risk? Benitez can’t comprehend it and United’s fans can’t comprehend it.

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